• 7 Annoying Types of Girls You’ll See At Every Gym

  • As an avid gym goer, I noticed that every time I go to the gym, there’s always a girl there that make’s me question, “Why are you even here?” She’s usually strutting around with camera-ready makeup on with her ‘girls’ out for the boys smacking on some chewing gum. Yes, we all have seen that type at the gym, well, guess what? She’s not the only annoying type at the gym, there’s much more.

    Click here to see what other annoying types of chics you see at the gym

    7 Annoying Types of Girls You’ll See At Every Gym

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    9 Responses to “7 Annoying Types of Girls You’ll See At Every Gym”

    1. Id say i fit under the miss muscles section.

    2. I know a few who fit under most of the categories mixed into one

    3. Ugh! The ones who go to the gym with their hair done and face full of make up holler in “gymflo”! Knowing damn well they perpetrating

    4. The most annoying person at the gym is the one standing around judging everybody. Worry about your own workout and mind your own business- you’ll get much better results not stressing about another woman who has makeup on.

    5. I dont waste my time checking out other people at the gym. I want to be in and out.

    6. Why don’t we celebrate women going to the gym and making an effort to get fit – no matter how big or small – instead of bashing and discouraging them? Worry about yourself… You won’t notice what others are doing of you are working hard enough on YOU!

    7. Thank you!!! Well said girl.