• Forget Squats, Bubble Up Your Butt With This One Move!

  • So you want a bigger butt? What if we told you, you didn’t have to do squats to get your booty nicely shaped? That you were able to acquire a round butt in just one move? Well, we’ve found it. Say you were unable to do a squat due to an injury to your back or knees, or you were just tired of doing them, well here is the booty-building alternative.

    Click here to find out the move that gets your glutes lifted

    Forget Squats, Bubble Up Your Butt With This One Move!

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    7 Responses to “Forget Squats, Bubble Up Your Butt With This One Move!”

    1. Michelle make your butt even better ayoooo XD

    2. Sorry, without weights this won’t get you very far. Squats and hip thrusts all day.

    3. Because without adding weights you can’t make your muscles grow. Sure you can tone your body with bodyweight but only to a certain point. Your muscles get stronger and grow the more you challenge them with more weight and calories to feed the growing muscles.

    4. This is why women will never be taken seriously in the gym. The only way to build a nice butt or any muscle for that matter is with multiple compound and isolation movements. This is misleading and counterproductive.