• Fun-ergize Your Fitness Routine: 22 Pick-Me-Up Tips

  • Is your fitness routine feeling a bit monotonous or becoming your least favorite part of the day? Maximize your workout and tone your body with a few extra change ups that make it feel brand new and fun! Working on your body doesn’t have to be a constant battle, burn calories by doing things you enjoy and grabbing a workout buddy for some friendly-competition are simple tricks to lighten up your workout.

    A great list by PopSugar gives you 22 different ways you can incorporate into your usual fitness routine to get you out of that sweat-sesh rut. Here are some fun suggestions they gave:

    • Grab a workout buddy: Enlist a good friend to be your workout buddy, which offers a challenge to you both to stick with it. Create goals for each other to accomplish, like first one to lose five pounds buys the other a mani-pedi!
    • Run with your dog: Dogs have tons of energy, so taking your pup out for a stroll or jog is a great way to switch things up. And if you don’t have a dog, check with your local shelter to see if they need volunteers for dog runs. Bonus? You might make a new furry friend.
    • Add some cardio: If you’re used to doing yoga or a butt-busting barre workout, mix it up and add some cardio for a quick whole-body routine.
    • Head outdoors: If you usually hit the gym for the same routine, skip it and work out outdoors. Run, skip, lunge while enjoying some fresh air — and a different perspective.
    • Stay in bed: That’s right, you can get a full-body workout without even leaving the bed (Um, not that way!). Work your body with a 10-minute routine that will leave you feeling fresh and ready for the day.


    • Race against the person next to you: Turn any workout into a silent competition by pacing yourself against the person next to you while burning calories on the treadmill or elliptical. See who can keep it up the longest.
    • Burn calories while having fun: Instead of jogging, play ultimate Frisbee, swap Hula-Hooping for crunches, or salsa dance instead of your regular Spinning class.
    • Track your distance: There are so many fun apps and GPS watches that track your distance while running or hiking. Share your daily workout via your favorite social network and challenge your friends to do the same.

    To get the rest of the fun tips on how you can energize your workout and a video, click here to go to the original article found on PopSugar.


    image credit: popsugar

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