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    The Moves That Zap Arm-Pit Fat Good-Bye

    Halloween maybe over so there’s no reason to be keeping bat wings hanging around, especially under your arms including in the arm-pit area. There’s nothing worse than wearing a bra and having that tiny bit of fat that bulges out from the straps, its almost like having two sets of boobs, annoying right? Well, we’ve found […]

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    Build Your Biceps & Tone Your Triceps Blast Workout

    Do you want those fabulous tank top arms? Or irritated by that arm-jiggle when ever you wave to someone? No BeFit Babe wants arm-wings! Targeting your biceps and triceps correctly with weighted exercises can help achieve the tightness in your arms. Here is a fitness routine soley dedicated to your biceps and triceps, you’ll be showing off […]

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