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    {video} The Super Slim-Down Arm Workout

    Tone your upper body with these dynamically sequenced, high-rep moves that will build lean muscle and burn fat in the fastest way possible. Work hard with this ultimate upper body fitness routine to get the sexy, slim tank-top arms you want. Stop the jiggle and tighten up your arms, chest, shoulders, and your back with […]

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    Build Your Biceps & Tone Your Triceps Blast Workout

    Do you want those fabulous tank top arms? Or irritated by that arm-jiggle when ever you wave to someone? No BeFit Babe wants arm-wings! Targeting your biceps and triceps correctly with weighted exercises can help achieve the tightness in your arms. Here is a fitness routine soley dedicated to your biceps and triceps, you’ll be showing off […]

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