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    DIY No-Bake, Super Delicious Protein Bars

    Looking for a protein bar that doesn’t taste like cardboard or aren’t very costly? We reveal a no-bake recipe that makes up a truly healthy and delicious protein bar, which should belong in the candy aisle. Protein bars are convenient and can be very nutritious, they make a great nibble for when your are on the […]

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    Did You Know About This Weight-Loss Food?

    This is the food that needs to be on everyone’s minds or at least on their grocery list! Many are not familiar of this food that is great for weight loss and for your health. Packed with protein, fiber, omega-3s, antioxidants, and deliciousness you’ll wonder why you haven’t been eating them! Click here to get […]

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    How To Pick The Right Protein Powder For You

    As an active BeFit Babe, it is important to incorporate protein powders into your eating lifestyle if you’re weight training and looking to build lean muscle. Consuming the right amount of protein within your diet can also aid in shedding inches from your waistline. Losing weight is a result when the right combo of nutrition […]

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