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    The Perfect Workout With This Perfect Breakfast

    Nothing feels better than after having a kick*ss sweat sesh followed by the most delicious, healthy meal– talk about the ultimate recipe to fit. You’re thinking, “If only it was that easy,” well we have some good news for you because it can be! We have a hearty and incredibly nutrient rich breakfast recipe along with a […]

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    Your Guide To A Healthy, Yummy Thanksgiving

    Have a gut feeling that T-day is D-Day for your midsection? For all of us who are eating healthy and on your way to achieving your fitness goals, the thought of Thanksgiving food can set you back. Don’t let your healthy dieting stop you from enjoying that delicious turkey meal, fill up your plate with these […]

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    {video} A Smoothie That Transforms Your Butt

    Drink your way to a sexy butt. This green goodness of a smoothie that will boost your metabolism, burn fat, and shape your seat. Tracy Anderson is known for training Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez in getting their tight tushes and toned bodies. What’s better way in getting your dream bod than to drink delicious […]

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