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    Sip Your Way To Weight-Loss: Fat-Burning Recipes

    Have a hectic day ahead of you? Sip one of these stress-free, easy and delicious smoothies that will help lose inches around your waistline. When you think of drinking your way to weight-loss with juice cleanses, it isn’t always the most appetizing solution to shedding pounds. Smoothies on the other hand, could be whipped up to create […]

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    Your Guide To A Healthy, Yummy Thanksgiving

    Have a gut feeling that T-day is D-Day for your midsection? For all of us who are eating healthy and on your way to achieving your fitness goals, the thought of Thanksgiving food can set you back. Don’t let your healthy dieting stop you from enjoying that delicious turkey meal, fill up your plate with these […]

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    Lose Weight By Eating These Foods For Breakfast

    We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you are sleeping, your body is in a fasting-state so eating breakfast will kick-start back your metabolism so you can burn fat and lose weight. But tired of the same ol’ same ol’ bowl of oatmeal or eggs in the A.M.? Here […]

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