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    The 7-Day Total-Body Toner Workout & Eating Plan

    Are tired of your usual fitness routine? Want a weeks worth of  bad*ss sweat seshes? Shred fat and tone every inch of your body with this seven-day high-intensity interval training workout routine. You’ll be sore and it’ll hurt so good you’ll want more, BeFit Babes. Get a tight body in one week with this awesome […]

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    Warning: This TRX Workout Kicks Butt

    For all you BeFit Babes out there who love the TRX, then you’ll love this routine. Here is a workout that will tighten and tone every inch on your body–erasing every bulge. For those who aren’t familiar this piece of equipment, it delivers innovative training solutions that work every muscle of your body. Need advancements to […]

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    Build Your Biceps & Tone Your Triceps Blast Workout

    Do you want those fabulous tank top arms? Or irritated by that arm-jiggle when ever you wave to someone? No BeFit Babe wants arm-wings! Targeting your biceps and triceps correctly with weighted exercises can help achieve the tightness in your arms. Here is a fitness routine soley dedicated to your biceps and triceps, you’ll be showing off […]

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