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    The 3 Ways You Should Be Using A Medicine Ball

    Cure workout boredom and tone muscles from head to toe with this awesome training tool. This piece of equipment is a sure way to get a fast and effective total-body workout that will lean you up and slim you down creating muscle definition and burning fat. So prepare to get yourself some abs of steel, […]

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    What Workouts Should You Be Doing For Your Body Type?

    Every woman has a different natural build that responds to exercise in different ways. So it is important to acknowledges what your body might be more inclined to do. Babes, don’t think of these natural traits as limitations though, think of it as working with your body, not against it, for faster results. To get started, […]

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    The Moves That Zap Arm-Pit Fat Good-Bye

    Halloween maybe over so there’s no reason to be keeping bat wings hanging around, especially under your arms including in the arm-pit area. There’s nothing worse than wearing a bra and having that tiny bit of fat that bulges out from the straps, its almost like having two sets of boobs, annoying right? Well, we’ve found […]

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