• Which Body Part Are You Sculpting?

  • Here are a series of photos of women’s bodies where their hard work has paid off and it shows. Many women strive for tight, toned arms, while others want killer buff legs, or a tiny waist. Every women views their ideal body differently, which body part(s) are you wanting to improve? Motivate each other– comment and share with a Babe to see what they strive for!

    A) Glutes

    gluteImage Source: picc.it

    B) Abs

    abs Image Source: girlswithmuscle

    Click here to see the other photos of fit bodies

    Which Body Part Are You Sculpting?

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    22 Responses to “Which Body Part Are You Sculpting?”

    1. Booty and side love handles.

      • Those love handles aren’t easy to get rid of! stay away from sugar and keep your diet clean, you will get there! We all believe in you!

    2. My core I’m trying for a six pack but it’s just not happening arghhhh

      • Tighten up your eating lifestyle, challenge yourself more in exercises. All the little things count at this moment, you will get there!

    3. I’m trying to sculpt every part of my body:))

      • If there’s a will there’s a way, you can do it. Tighten up your diet and eat your protein with veggies, you will get there!

    4. I like where your head is at!

    5. I need my booty back! After 3 kids I went from a nice round booty to nothing! It’s depressing! I want my booty back!